In the Seraglio

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the Cave of Wonders for a Valentine’s Day reading. Our marvelous Jinni transformed an otherwise ordinary room into a luxurious harem with Persian carpets, embroidered hangings, and other decadent decorations. While the lovely odalisque Lily circulated with tempting morsels, the Naked Girls read selections from works fo Eastern erotica.

We began with a group reading of “The Song of Songs” from The Bible (King James Version).

Jocelyn Cherry began the solo reading with the very steamy tale of “Balul and the Robe” from The Perfumed Garden, wherein a court fool outwits a beautiful and greedy woman.

Next Jackie Raboin shared “The Persian Lady’s Tale” from A Night in a Moorish Harem, a 19th century work of pornography imitating the Arabian Nights tales.

Betty Blaize just returned from India and she shared three Telugu courtesan songs from When God is a Customer.

Turning from the passion of lust to that of romantic love, I (Miss Mina) read “Ar-Rumaikiya’s Wish”, an original story inspired by a legend of al-Andalus, written by burlesque storyteller Miss Scarlet.

Back to lust again, Ivy Bowers read an instructive lesson from The Decameron about “Putting the Devil Back into Hell”.

To finish off the evening, Betty Blaize read a story from A Thousand Nights and a Night (The Arabian Nights) about a clever woman who outsmarts *four* determined suitors.

It was a lovely evening and we hope to have more of these intimate salons in the future.


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