Midnight Snack 4-23-11

The Great Burlesque Expo seemed like a fine place to hold a Naked Girls Reading and to have readers from chapters all over the continent.

We began with a shared reading of “The Infernal Bouillabaisse” from Best of Beaumont by Charles Beaumont. He wrote many episodes for The Twilight Zone, so you can imagine the tone of this little tale.

Scarlett Letter from Los Angeles is an experienced bartender and she thought it fitting to add the beverage to our midnight snack. She read a chapter about Dutch Genever (it’s like gin, but more so) from Boozehound by Jason Wilson.

At this point I jumped in with a recipe for Holland Watermelon from The Eating in Bed Cookbook by Barbara Ninde Byfield. It involves a whole watermelon, a bottle of Genever, and the caution that you should eat it in the bathtub.

Next up we had Mimi Misschief from Sarah Lawrence College reading as a Naked Girl for the very first time. She chose a selection from Julie Powell’s Julie and Julia about the challenges of cooking Oeufs a la Bourguignonne (Eggs Poached in Red Wine).

St. Stella from Toronto read from Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate. It was a delicious passage about rose petals, passion, and nakedness.

I finished the evening with a passage from the great food writer M.F.K. Fisher, originally published in Serve It Forth, collected in The Art of Eating. I never knew that eating a tangerine could be such a sensual, all day affair.

Thank you to those who joined us and we hope to see you on May 21 back at the Coolidge Corner Theatre for Fang Fiction!


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