Fang Fiction 5-21-11

Thank you to everyone who braved the rain to hear a few vampire tales at midnight. And a special thank you to our sponsor, The Weekly Dig. This Salon was such a challenge. There are so many good vampire stories that it was hard to choose!

The choice for our opening shared reading was obvious, Dracula by Bram Stoker. Not the first vampire story, but certainly the most influential.

Vikki Likkerish then read the short story “Blood Kin” from the collection Vampire Stories from the American South. Very creepy and very Southern.

Continuing with the theme that vampires like to live below the Mason-Dixon Line, new Naked Girl Lizzie Havoc read a selection from Anne Rice’s modern classic Interview with the Vampire.

After a brief intermission Jena Kitten read from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. In this passage, the future president learned of the existence of vampires and chose a path that would change history!

Miss Mina closed out the individual reading with a selection from Carmilla. This short novel predates Dracula and the vampire and victim are both female. It gets rather steamy, in a mid-Victorian sort of way.

The Naked Girls finished the night with a shared reading of Robert Bloch’s short story “The Cloak”. (It’s been collected in many anthologies, but we found it in Weird Vampire Tales: 30 Blood-Chilling Stories from the Weird Fiction Pulps.)

We almost closed with a selection from Twilight, but decided to spare you that.

We’ll be scheduling our next salon soon. Check back here and we’ll let you know what we’ll be reading… naked!


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