A Christmas Carol 12-17-11

For this seasonal salon we chose to read the entire text of A Christmas Carol, from “Marley was dead” to “God bless us, every one”. It was epic.

We’d been lead to believe it would take about 2 hours. It took three and a half. Our audience’s endurance was amazing. You can see some of the survivors in the Weekly Dig.

The readers this time were myself (Miss Mina), Vikki Likkerish, Jena Kitten, and first-time Naked Girl Devora Darling. We knew the story was sad, and scary, and heartwarming, so we were pleasantly surprised at how funny it is too.

There are lots of versions of A Christmas Carol out there, but we read from this one, illustrated by P.J. Lynch. It was to bad we really couldn’t share the lovely images with the audience.

Our next salon will be help in late February. In 1212 we’ll be hosting more regular salons in a brand new location. Check back here for details!


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