Naked Girls Reading Boston was the local chapter of Naked Girls Reading. We existed from January 2010 until March 2013 when Naked Girls Reading Headquarters decided not to renew our license.

If you think Boston should have a chapter of Naked Girls Reading, please write to the new managers, Elly & A.J., at nakedgirlsreading@gmail.com and show your support.

This blog is now closed, but you can still read about our previous salons, press appearances, and find a list of all the books we read.

We’d like to thank all our readers: Betty Blaize, Bride Alton, Cameryn Moore, Dalya du Sunshine, Devora Darling, Dr. Vicka, Fonda Feeling, Ivy Bowers, Jena Kitten, Jocelyn Cherry, Karina Valkyre, Lady Grey, Legs Malone, Lizzie Havoc, Mimi Mischief, Miss Mina, Mrs X Penumbra, Nasty Canasta, Scarlett Letter, St. Stella, Vikki Likkerish, and Vita Lightly.


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