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Grren and Bare It 3/16/13

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This was the last Naked Girls Reading in Boston as the new management has decided not to renew our chapter’s license. No, we don’t really understand why.

Because of the proximity to St. Patrick’s Day, we had an Irish theme to the readings. The Naked Girls were long time reader Vikki Likkerish, Jena Kitten, the newest Naked Girl, Lady Grey, and myself, Miss Mina.

We had so much fine that last time we read a Choose You Own Adventure with audience participation, we tried it again with The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles #8: The Irish Rebellion, April 1916. Sadly, it was not as successful — to much history lesson and tedious detail, not enough choice.

Cutting that short, Lady Grey entertained us with “The Furze Witch”, a traditional story from More Irish Fairy Tales by Sinéad de Valera.

I read 3 poems from W. B. Yeats, “Sailing to Byzantium”, “He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven”, and his magnificent “The Second Coming”.

Jena read of Oscar Wilde and his bad behavior from Literary Rogues: A Scandalous History of Wayward Authors, the second book by Andrew Shaffer that we have featured. (It’s very entertaining and educational; you should read it.)

Vikki closed out the first half with the first part of Oscar Wilde’s depressing fairy tale, “The Fisherman and his Soul”.

After a short break, Vikki resumed reading “The Fisherman and his Soul”.

Jena then read 2 of C. S. Lewis’ letters from The Screwtape Letters.

Lest we ignore one of the most famous Irish writers, Lady Grey read a short section from the end of Ulysses, a piece of stream of consciousness writing that is practically poetry.

I finished the evening with a passage from Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes on how his family lost a room in their home and were evicted for it. His writing is so good and so funny, you might forget the misery of his subject matter.

On behalf of all the Naked Girls in the 3+ years we’ve been active, thank you so much for all your support. We really enjoyed presenting these salons for you. If you think Boston deserves to keep its Naked girls Reading chapter, please write to the new managers, Elly & A.J., at Maybe with a large enough show of support we can get our license back.

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Literary Boston 2-25-12

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There are so many great authors who live or lived in Boston and some who even wrote about it. For our first salon of 2012 (starting our 3rd year!) we read works from some of those authors. It was hard to choose just a few!

We started off with a shared reading of a little history lesson about the earliest days of Massachusetts from The True Travels, Adventures And Observations Of Captain John Smith V1: In Europe, Asia, Africa And America, 1593-1629.

Miss Mina jumped to the present day with Dennis Lehane’s A Drink Before the War. Private detective Patrick Kenzie musing about his home neighborhood of Dorchester and the very different Dorchester his suspect lives in.

Jena Kitten chose Robert Frost’s poem “snow”, which can be found in the collection Robert Frost’s Poems.

Betty Blaize wrapped up the first half of the salon with Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Poe is also claimed by New York and Baltimore, but he was born in Boston and served in the army at Fort Independence, now Castle Island. The story can be found in Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

Tough guy private detective Spenser has been living and working in Boston since the 1960’s. In God Save the Child he meets the love of his life and Miss Mina read about their first date.

Betty has a fondness for pigs and she read a selection from The Good Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood about the title character’s short lived modeling career. She thought the book was set in Western Massachusetts, realized it was New Hampshire, and decided it was too good to pass up.

Besides short stories, Poe also wrote poems and Jena graced us with the haunting “Annabel Lee”, also to be found in <a href="">Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

Science fiction author Jennifer Pelland usually writes stories about people uncomfortable in their own skins. They are that much more disturbed when set in familiar territory, like Cambridge or Somerville. Mina read the uncharacteristically sweet and dreamlike story “Last Bus” from the collection Unwelcome Bodies. Jen will be reading from her new novel Machine at Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester on March 17th (and bellydancing to Irish music too!)

Betty ended the salon with “The Wreck of the Hesperus” by legendary poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Thank you for joining us! Our next salon will be on Friday, April 6th at The Great Burlesque Exposition and will feature readers from several NGR chapters.

A Christmas Carol 12-17-11

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For this seasonal salon we chose to read the entire text of A Christmas Carol, from “Marley was dead” to “God bless us, every one”. It was epic.

We’d been lead to believe it would take about 2 hours. It took three and a half. Our audience’s endurance was amazing. You can see some of the survivors in the Weekly Dig.

The readers this time were myself (Miss Mina), Vikki Likkerish, Jena Kitten, and first-time Naked Girl Devora Darling. We knew the story was sad, and scary, and heartwarming, so we were pleasantly surprised at how funny it is too.

There are lots of versions of A Christmas Carol out there, but we read from this one, illustrated by P.J. Lynch. It was to bad we really couldn’t share the lovely images with the audience.

Our next salon will be help in late February. In 1212 we’ll be hosting more regular salons in a brand new location. Check back here for details!

Fang Fiction 5-21-11

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Thank you to everyone who braved the rain to hear a few vampire tales at midnight. And a special thank you to our sponsor, The Weekly Dig. This Salon was such a challenge. There are so many good vampire stories that it was hard to choose!

The choice for our opening shared reading was obvious, Dracula by Bram Stoker. Not the first vampire story, but certainly the most influential.

Vikki Likkerish then read the short story “Blood Kin” from the collection Vampire Stories from the American South. Very creepy and very Southern.

Continuing with the theme that vampires like to live below the Mason-Dixon Line, new Naked Girl Lizzie Havoc read a selection from Anne Rice’s modern classic Interview with the Vampire.

After a brief intermission Jena Kitten read from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. In this passage, the future president learned of the existence of vampires and chose a path that would change history!

Miss Mina closed out the individual reading with a selection from Carmilla. This short novel predates Dracula and the vampire and victim are both female. It gets rather steamy, in a mid-Victorian sort of way.

The Naked Girls finished the night with a shared reading of Robert Bloch’s short story “The Cloak”. (It’s been collected in many anthologies, but we found it in Weird Vampire Tales: 30 Blood-Chilling Stories from the Weird Fiction Pulps.)

We almost closed with a selection from Twilight, but decided to spare you that.

We’ll be scheduling our next salon soon. Check back here and we’ll let you know what we’ll be reading… naked!

Loves Stinks! 2-12-11

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love stinks
Thank you to everyone who came out for “Love Stinks!”, our anti-Valentine’s Day salon. This on was particularly exciting as it was part of a NGR-wide event. Chapters across North America are sharing the same theme throughout February. The whole thing was sponsored by Harper Perennial, publisher of Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love by Andrew Shaffer.

We were quite thrilled to have the author himself as our guest of honor! No, he wasn’t naked and he didn’t read, but he did give away some books to a lucky few attendees.

We began the evening with die-hard Naked Girl, Fonda Feeling (she’s read at every salon!), reading “The Law of Talion” by the Maquis de Sade which can be found in The Misfortunes of Virtue and Other Early Tales.

Miss Mina followed that with the tragic tale of Peter Abelard from Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love.

First time Naked Girl Jena Kitten read from The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet.

Betty Blaize, returning to NGR after a year off, read of lusty Jean-Jacques Rosseau from Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love.

Audience favorite Vikki Likkerish shared a selection on the pain on adultery from Portrait in Sepia: A Novel by Isabel Allende.

Then Andrew Shaffer returned to the stage to give away some copies of his book, each accompanied by a *giant* Valentine from all the Naked Girls. Scratch had had the idea of having auditions right then and there and giving the best readers the books. This was squashed in favor of a simple drawing.

Miss Mina read the classic tale of Dido’s love and Aeneas’ betrayal from Book IV of Virgil’s Aeneid.

Fonda Feeling returned to read about Seneca the Younger from Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love.

Betty Blaize shared with us a few lessons on love, marriage, and divorce from The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love by Jill Conner Browne.

Jena Kitten finished off the evening with the sad story of Nicolas Chamfort from (you guessed it!) Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love.

Our next salon will be held at The Great Burlesque Exposition on April 23rd at midnight. We’re calling it Midnight Snack and yes, there will be snacks. Naked Girls from all over North America will be particpating. You can get your tickets now!